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Welcome to Chennai Photographers lead by Ajay Kumar. We are a team of highly experienced Photographers and Videographers. We assure you world class candid photography at Best rates possible. The team in Chennai is as below.

Ajay Kumar

The Lead Candid Photographer and Cinematographer with more than 16 years of professional experience. An Engineering Graduate in Electronics & Communications with Diploma in VLSI and Satellite Communications.

Tools Used

  • Pentax 645Z Medium Format Camera with set of prime lenses
  • Fujifilm X-T1 with Prime Lenses
  • Canon 5D MK IV with prime lenses
  • Samsung NX Mini with prime lenses for difficult to reach areas with Wireless Control

S. Ramesh

The Main Traditional Photographer with more than 23 years of professional experience in Videography and Photography. An under graduate with good understanding of Lighting techniques and the equipments used by him.

Tools Used

  • Canon 5D MK III with Canon EF24 - 70 mm F/2.8 and Canon EF 70 - 200 mm F/2.8 Lenses

M. G. Thillai

The Main Videographer with more than 10 years of experience in Videography and Video Editing. For Advanced Video need we have more associates to support us on different Video Setups. Video Lightings are part of the video packages.

Tools Used

  • SONY PMW-300
  • SONY PMW-200
  • SONY NX-5
  • SONY NX-100
  • NIKON D750

Exclusive services available all across India and worldwide.

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Destination Candid Wedding Photography
  • You can hire me as your companion photographer who will accompany you from start to end of the events in entirety. This means that most of your memories are captured in a most natural way which will be available to you for rest of your life to cherish.
  • As a companion photographer, I am open to your IDEAs & Needs so that you get the pictures to match and surpass your expectations by all means.
  • During the Event or the trip Selected Picture would be available to you so that you can share them instantly with your family and friends.
  • All pictures will be Geo Tagged with accuracy.
  • Your cost will include the following ...

    • Rs. 10,000/- per day for your companion photographer
    • Travel / accommodation / Food expenses from Chennai

  • Any assignment cost cannot be less than Rs. 20,000/- even if the events are over in a day.
  • At the End of the assignment you will get edited pictures in JPG format and a properly edited short video in MOV format.

Kids Photography / Marriage Alliance Portfolio / Family Portraits

Infant Photography Chennai | New Born Photography Chennai | Child Photography Chennai | Baby Portrait Chennai | Family Portraits Chennai | Senior Portraits Chennai

  • The Kids Photos are shot at your location either indoor or nearby Park
  • Family Portraits are shot at your location
  • Marriage alliance portfolio can be shot either at your location or outdoors
  • Its assumed that the photo shoot will be over in 60 to 90 minutes
  • All indoor photo shoot upto 90 minutes will cost you Rs. 2,500/-
  • If you decide to have outdoor shoot, the cost will be Rs. 3,000/-

Pre Wedding Photography Outdoor

Pre Wedding Photography Chennai | Pre Wedding Videography Chennai | Pre Wedding Cinematography Chennai

The pre wedding Candid Photography and Videography is a combination of indoor and outdoor couple shoot at different locations in and around Chennai for a duration of half a day or full day. For cinematography if the situation demands the shoot can extend beyond a day.

  • Half a day Pre Wedding Photo or Video shoot in and around Chennai will cost you Rs. 7,500/-
  • Half a day Pre Wedding Photo and Video shoot in and around Chennai will cost you Rs. 10,000/-
  • Full day Pre Wedding Photo or Video shoot in and around Chennai will cost you Rs. 10,000/-
  • Full day Pre Wedding Photo and Video shoot in and around Chennai will cost you Rs. 15,000/-

For shoots beyond one day please discuss your ideas and we will work out the best rates for you.

Why Should You Hire Us

Normally when you engage with a Studio or some matrimony websites, Mostly the photographers and Videgraphers are freshers and they don't have technical know how of the equipments they use. They are just trained for a particular camera setting and how to click the pictures. Basically they are not photographers but basic camera operators. You cannot guess or know in advance about the photographers who will shoot your events. The best part is that they all will have sample albums with great look but what you would get in hand will be no where close to the sample shown to you. On the other hand if you hire us, you will know in advance about your photographers and videographers, because we do not hire anyone else but the team mentioned above. In case we need to add extra photographers or videographers, we ensure that the person matches our requirements. We get all of our albums designed by Ajay Kumar and printed by Canvera at Bangalore. You will have the option to choose the paper quality and the Top Cover Designs. Based on the album type you opt for, there might be a slight variation in the final pricing.

Some Important Points worth your attention ...

  • We accept only one order for a time slot
  • We shoot all over India ( Extra Charges are involved)
  • Candid Photography is always done by Ajay Kumar.
  • Traditional Photography and Videography are done by S.Ramesh and M.G. Thillai
  • Albums are designed by Ajay Kumar
  • All Pictures are shot in RAW Format
  • All Pictures will be provided to you in JPG format on DVDs
  • You Can Select the Album Paper, Album Cover, Video Background Music, Short Video Music
  • All Wedding Packages are entitled for a free Pre/Post wedding outdoor couple shoots (Half Day)
  • All Albums are printed by Canvera, Bangalore (ISO Certified)
  • Kids Photography is done by Ajay Kumar
  • Prices do not include taxes
  • You can include pictures shot by you in the album (Upto 30 Pictures)
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